The Brightness


My friend Cécile contacted me to work on a funded film project she was working on. She wanted to recreate a Busby-Berkeley style dance routine with a crappy tooth model she’d obtained from Turbosquid. The crappiness was intentional and part of her unique vision, so in order to get a bit of quality in there, I used the built-in Subsurface Scattering shader in Cinema 4D and the Physical renderer to produce this weirdly amusing sketch, which takes place as a daydream in the middle of a sequence where the artist is interviewing an actress representing her real-life namesake Cecile B. Evans. It’s weird and meta and great. And it debuted at the Palais de Tokyo, to my delight.

Here’s a section for your delectation.

The Brightness, 2013, stereo 3D presentation
Director: Cécile B. Evans