Visual artist Cécile Evans contacted me to work on a CG sequence for a film project she was working on for a film contest funded by Orange. She wanted to recreate a Busby-Berkeley style dance routine with a deliberately crappy tooth model she'd obtained from Turbosquid. The intentional crappiness meant that to get a bit of quality in there, I used the built-in Subsurface Scattering shader in Cinema 4D and the Physical renderer to produce this weirdly amusing sketch, which takes place as a daydream in the middle of a sequence where the artist is interviewing an actress representing her real-life namesake Cecile B. Evans. It's weird and meta and great and to my delight, it debuted at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris as part of the group's exhibition.

Here's a section for your delectation.

The Brightness, 2013, stereo 3D presentation
Director: Cécile B. Evans