Here's the whole suite of CG product films I made for Uniquely J with McCoy|Meyer.

They hired me to film products that didn't yet exist, but which we had packaging nets for. Every product was modelled to scale painstakingly and textured with an 8k export of the Illustrator file used for the packaging of each product. Lighting & rendering was done in Octane. I'd only owned Octane for weeks at that point; this was a trial by fire. The turnaround for the whole project was just over a week - only possible thanks to Ranch render farm.

Major thanks to: Eric McCoy & Justus Meyer (, who produced and directed and tolerated my invective, Sazan Pasori ( who recruited me and did the 2D motion graphics, and Liam Clisham ( whom supplied models while I was balls deep modelling the spray bottle from blurry iPhone photos.