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To all my colleagues, clients, collaborators, co-conspirators and all the people I bought software, plugins, scripts and textures from. Without this mass of humans, none of my work would be possible, nor much fun. Thank you. Shotlist is encoded in the CC captions in the video. Music: Bruce – I’m Alright Mate


Here’s a raw render of one of the products for the ad we made for – I’m so glad to be able to share this at last. Shout out to @the_ericmccoy and @sazanimation for making it all happen. High fives all round! This is all modelled from ref photos and textured with supplied vector artwork – rendered in Octane

Technical Reel


I’ve been tapped up by a few studios looking for C4D nerds, but having spent most of my life half-cut in a foreign country, I didn’t have a cogent folio of rigging work to show them.

Xpresso Motor


Have any of you lot run into an issue when you want to control the speed of something rotating with a percent slider? All seems fine until you want to slow it down to a stop gradually. You’ll notice that the rotation goes nuts, backwards, all kinds of speeds, before finally stopping. I’ve made an Xpresso rig to do just that!