So, by a wave of the hand of the goddess of Freelance, I got the opportunity to produce a raft of tour visuals for London-based, globally-renowned dance duo Snakehips.

Through a fairly intense period of visual research, animation tests and really shonky initial test builds, I managed to get a cogent response to the brief together, with a one-month build time. Using Cinema 4D as my base (as ever) I started building the Chinese lanterns. Starting from a basic model, I UVed in Unfold 3D, sculpted in Zbrush, texture-painted in Quixel and got the high-res model looking great by building the shader in Arnold. Then I set to work on the dynamics, using low-poly balls hanging from cubes, all strung together with Connector objects using an extremely clever xpresso-cloning hack from greyscalegorilla's Chris Smith. Then I worked on the neon signs, the entire process of which I have documented in a tutorial, so I won't go into detail here. Then the last section was the iconic sakura tree, which was made entirely with Forester. I could not have delivered the project without Pixelplow, genuinely the fastest, most convenient and cheapest render farm I have ever used.

Client: Snakehips/Holy Toto
Studio: Atelier Edmund Brown