Skin City is a badass, black-and-white cyberpunk animation project I work on when I have downtime.

The project is a labour of love and freelance spare time that allows me to push myself in all aspects of CG, modelling, texturing, software, pipeline, you name it, I've looked into it.

I'm dividing time between Cinema 4D and zBrush, though Maya is becoming more and more useful as I start to flesh out character designs, sculpt them, and rig them.

Other interstitial softwares in the pipeline are: Unfold3D, 3D-Coat, Quixel, Substance Designer, Fabulous Designer, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pinterest is becoming my go-to for reference, it's a godsend. If I were ever to get funding and buy software licences for everything I've trialled in the last two months, it'd cost a fortune, so I'm still refining the model-UV-sculpt-texture-rig pipeline. It's too much for one human, so I'm getting the script and animatics done now I've done the lookdev, and hopefully I'll inspire some other CG nerds to chip in some labour before the inevitable Kickstarter campaign.

If you wanna help, get in touch via the webform and I'll brief you a horrendously difficult model to build as both test and weight off my back!