My Animation, Motion Graphics & VFX Showreel


Here’s my latest reel. It features work for Ministry of Sound, Plan B, British Eurosport, HSBC, you know, just little neighbourhood guys I helped out. Big thanks to Flora & Fauna Visions, Dene @ Eurosport, Shroom, Christian Krupa, Superhero, TOVS and many more Good People.


03 “Ministry of Sound: Addicted To Bass 2012″ // 30” TVC // Harico // Modelling, Rigging, Secondary Animation, Render & Comp (Animation: Scott @ Pixelburn, Design/Art Direction: Harry Rambaut @ Harico)
07 “Ministry of Sound: Addicted To Bass 2011″ // 30” TVC // Harico // Modelling, Rigging, Animation, Pipeline, Realflow Integration (Everything else: Harry Rambaut)
08 “Auto Magazin Trophy” // 60″ Awards Interstitial // Flora & Fauna Visions // Modelling, rigging (Everything else: Sascha Blume @ FFV)
10 “Car Film Company Intro” // 4×10″ animations // Car Film Company // Everything
11 “Skin City” // Personal // Everything
13 Lookdev for 08 (outtake) // Everything
15 “OA Promo 01” // Ambient vid // Organic Analogue Records // Everything
17 “The Brightness” // Stereoscopic 3D // Cecile B. Evans // 3D everything (modelling, rigging, animation, SSS shader, artist everything else
22 “Pytanie na Sniadanie” // Title Sequence (unused lookdev) // Design: Tomek Sadurski Me: Everything 3D
23 “THUS is the News” // 2×30″ Online TVC // Superhero // Me: 3D Everything Art Direction: Tom Williams
25 “Plan B – Ill Manors” // Music Video // Rokkit // Matchmoving, logo removal, face blurring, fake Particular smoke
27 “Nothing to Hide” // Personal unfinished polemical bollocks // Everything
29 “Superbikes Season Intro” // 5″ sting // British Eurosport // Art Direction: Dene Smith Me: Everything else
30 “Air Storm” // 30″ TVC // Superhero // Matchmoving, modelling, destruction fx and comp
32 “ESKA Music Video Awards” // Show Package // freelance // Art Direction: Tomek Sadurski Everything 3D: Me
33 “Summer Promo 2013″ // 30″/60″/90” TVC // British Eurosport // Art Direction: Dene Smith Me: 3D lookdev, design, sculpting, rigging, animation and comp

There’s going to be even less shiny motion graphics content on the upcoming reel, as I’m heading towards being a 3D/VFX generalist and I want to be more nerdy than motion graphics budgets/deadlines usually allow. If your project needs a guy who understands the arcane underbelly of C4D or integration with Maya/Mudbox, look no further. Well, look around first, I’m not the cheapest guy in town, but get back to me using this here contact form.

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