Explode Voronoi Fractures Like A Boss

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My new tutorial shows you how to break apart Fracture objects in Cinema 4D using Mograph & also X-Particles.

This tutorial came about from a VFX shot I was asked to do for the lovely humes at McCoy|Meyer in LA for their latest music video. It involved a lightbulb exploding in an actor’s hand – which, despite my advice, they weren’t willing to do as a practical shot. So I had to cajole, massage and curse at Cinema 4D in my spare evenings for months to learn all these techniques, which I now present to you for free.

Precis: So why can’t you just use a Push Apart effector and a Random effector for the spinning pieces and leave it at that? Well, you could, but you can’t fake dynamic collisions. You can try to transition into dynamics with Follow Position on the dyn tag, but you will eventually hit the wall. At some point, you’ll have discovered the ‘By Xpresso’ trigger type in dynamics – but how the fuck do we make it work – and work in a useful, art-directable manner? This tutorial is your guide to your new friend, the Dynamics Body State node.


Get the project files on my Gumroad. These all feature a simple sphere busting apart, but they are simple to replace with your own objects.

FREE Mograph version:
No bells nor whistles, just a sphere busting apart. Xpresso? You’re on your own.

Get the free scene file at Gumroad

Mograph Premium version: (€4.99)
Premium version has: spin on the fragments, the ability to edit the start time, force and threshold using a handy HUD interface, and is probably what you want if you’re at work and under pressure. There is a help text included in the file.

Buy Mograph Premium Version

Premium X-Particles version: (£4.99)
This is the trickiest one to set up, but because X-Particles is so amazing, it’s by far the most controllable. Buy it. Explosion time is set by two keyframes, but the effect of Simple Spin in the xpEmitter and the explosives of xpExplode are incredibly simple. Plus you can add your own motion modifiers, emit secondary particles from the chunks and much, much more than I have time to demonstrate. Buy it.

Buy X-Particles Premium Version

All scene files are sold as seen, I can’t provide detailed support if you’re not already an intermediate user of Cinema 4D. Requires Cinema 4D r18+ and the XP version needs X-Particles 3.5 or higher.

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