Eurosport Summer Programme 2013

Eurosport asked me to come up with some low-poly 3D animation for a lower third and final resolve on a 90' teaser trailer for the summer sports highlights showing on Eurosport. They had five days until the thing had to be in their Avid ingest.

My solution was to build an island where all of the sports in the trailer were represented in low-poly animations around the island. The island was flat, with a hole in the middle, so the camera could fly low, keeping all the action to the lower third of the screen.  At the end of the VT, the camera could simply fly into the heavens to reveal the channel logo.

Here's a gallery of the initial animatic frames:

As the art director was abroad, I kept sending low-poly dailies until he was satisfied it was going well. My rule was that if any asset took more than 15 minutes to model and texture, I was wasting time. I uploaded several terrible renders every day, in an effort to assuage the art director's doubts, and his iPhone feedback was critical in moulding my output to the form it eventually took. On the day of TX I rushed to Middlesex with a hard drive and a furrowed brow and got the thing ingested tout suite. Like a pro.

Client/Studio: Eurosport UK
Art Director: Dene Smith