July 18, 2018

Explode Voronoi Fractures Like A Boss

My new tutorial shows you how to break apart Fracture objects in Cinema 4D using Mograph & also X-Particles.

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August 2, 2017

Make a Japanese Sign in Cinema 4D and Octane

Here's my longest-yet tutorial: how to design a neon sign from Illustrator splines all the way through to texturing and lighting and rendering with Octane. Read more

July 9, 2015

C4D Pro Tips #3: Power Animation with Pose Morphs

A tutorial on using Pose Morph tags and user data to rig simple animations of multiple complex objects with very few keyframes. Read more

May 20, 2015

Xpresso Motor

Have any of you lot run into an issue when you want to control the speed of something rotating with a percent slider? All seems fine until you want to slow it down to a stop gradually. You'll notice that the rotation goes nuts, backwards, all kinds of speeds, before finally stopping. I've made an Xpresso rig to do just that! Read more

October 29, 2014

Quick Tip: Save IncreMental

I just uploaded a one-minute tutorial to my Vimeo about making Save Incremental save your project with just one zero instead of three. Yeah, it's dull, that's why the tute's like 30 seconds long without the intro/outro clips.

February 26, 2014

Cinema 4D Pro Tips: Tutorial 001: Rigging Gears and Pistons

Here's the tutorial I made for my Youtube channel. I've uploaded it to Vimeo now to embed it with no nasties, recommendations of unrelated awful videos or advertising. Feel free to comment on the video over at Youtube or use the contacts form to request a tutorial if there's something you think I can help you with.



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© Edmund Brown 2019