Author: mundo

Quick Tip: Save IncreMental


I just uploaded a one-minute tutorial to my Vimeo about making Save Incremental save your project with just one zero instead of three. Yeah, it’s dull, that’s why the tute’s like 30 seconds long without the intro/outro clips.

The Brightness


My friend C├ęcile contacted me to work on a funded film project she was working on. She wanted to recreate a Busby-Berkeley style dance routine with a crappy tooth model she’d obtained from Turbosquid. The crappiness was intentional and part of her unique vision, so in order to get a bit of quality in there, I used the built-in Subsurface Scattering shader in Cinema 4D and the Physical renderer to produce this weirdly amusing sketch, […]

Contact Details


I’m always looking for more broadcast work, particularly character animation, visual effects, music videos – anything with a beating heart and soul. If you need a sexy nerd for your next animation project, don’t hesitate to book me. Let me breathe life into your polygons. I do After Effects, Cinema 4D, Trapcode, Xplode, Turbulence FD, softbody sims, character animation, Vray for C4D, all kinds. Get in touch if you need these kinds of magic in […]